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Evening IOPs (intensive outpatient programs) can be great options for those struggling with substance use disorders. Evening IOPs are highly accessible for those who are not able to miss their daily responsibilities. Getting help shouldn’t be difficult. Knowing how to prepare for an evening IOP can be the first step on your journey to recovery. At Sophros Recovery, our goal for every client is a full recovery and a safe return to their day-to-day lives. Reach out to a medical professional today via 904.760.4295 and take your life back.

What Is an IOP?

An intensive outpatient program is considered an acute (short-term) treatment plan for substance use disorders. An IOP can be an excellent option for an individual who would benefit from the intensity and focus of a residential program but still needs to be able to participate in their daily life. Some reasons that clients cannot commit to an intensive inpatient program are:

  • Work responsibilities
  • Family life
  • School responsibilities
  • Not qualifying for an inpatient program

IOPs are designed to treat addiction and lead clients toward a full recovery and are available to accommodate those who fall into any of these categories. They are different from inpatient programs in that they allow clients to receive necessary treatment for their addictions while also encouraging them not to pause their daily lives. In an IOP, clients are given a sense of independence that can aid in their recovery and have the opportunity to live at home.

Sophros Recovery’s IOPs offer the benefits of a residential program while allowing you to spend time with loved ones who want to support you during your recovery and fulfill the responsibilities of work or school. We offer a broad range of services and clinical approaches, including but not limited to:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Ongoing alumni support
  • Case management

In addition to these programs, a therapist will evaluate your progress and make the necessary changes to your program to ensure that your treatment is beneficial to you each week.

Benefits of Evening IOPs

Many clients have difficulty balancing treatment schedules with their work or school schedules. This does not mean that clients are forced to choose one, however. Our evening intensive outpatient program offers the flexibility to maintain control over your own life while also being given the tools necessary to succeed and fully recover.

Both IOPs and evening IOPs can be highly beneficial to clients who need addiction treatment. Some specific benefits are:

  • Clients can immediately use the knowledge they gain in sessions in real-life situations
  • Flexible and accessible programs
  • Clinical flexibility to respond to a client’s needs
  • More responsibility for the client
  • Able to receive treatment around their schedule
  • Higher retention rate than lower intensity outpatient programs

Evening IOPs can benefit those who require addiction treatment but cannot find a way to fit it into their daily schedule.

Preparing for an Evening Intensive Outpatient Program

For the client to get the most out of an evening IOP, it is essential to know how to prepare. When preparing for an evening intensive outpatient program, make sure that you:

  • Are committed to staying sober and respecting other patients’ commitments
  • Have a safe home environment (one without accessible drugs or alcohol or constant consumption/drinking)
  • Are committed to attending all of your sessions

You should also have a list of goals for your recovery. It is important to have something to work towards when in an evening IOP. When making your list, you might want to consider how your recovery will affect the people around you.

Learn More About the Evening IOP at Sophros Recovery

If you are prepared to begin an evening intensive outpatient program with Sophros Recovery, reach out today to discuss our availability and treatment options at 904.760.4295.

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