Learn More About Outpatient Addiction Treatment That Works

two people discuss issues during addiction therapy programsAddiction is a vicious cycle that presents many challenges to substance users. It is not uncommon to feel completely hopeless and unable to stop abusing drugs. However, if you find an addiction therapy program that meets your needs, you will learn the strategies necessary to begin living a sober life.

Sophros Recovery’s mission is to help its clients on their journey to recovery and then find long-term sobriety. Our holistic approach helps clients understand their reasons for getting high and then make the right decisions to avoid relapse. If you are researching addiction therapy programs that will support your mental and physical health, contact us [direct].

What Are the Benefits of Addiction Counseling? 

When you decide that it is time to change your life, you cannot do it alone. It would be best if you had support. Addiction therapy is one of the greatest ways to support your recovery.

Gain a New Perspective

When you decide to stop abusing drugs and alcohol, you will need to assess what is truly important in your life. You will also need help identifying those parts of your life that will not support your recovery. 

Identify Coping Strategies

During addiction counseling sessions, you learn to understand why you began abusing drugs or alcohol. Then you will learn how to stay committed to recognizing triggers and how to find alternatives. After all, specific triggers, such as behaviors, habits, events, and even thoughts, can make someone want to use drugs. An addiction therapist will help you learn new ways of approaching triggers and challenges so that you do not relapse into substance abuse.

Gain Professional and Peer Support

One of the most significant aspects of therapy is realizing that you have a network of support available to you. Therapists are present to help you learn to navigate your triggers. And your peers will help you realize that you are not alone in your experience. It is not uncommon for people who have been substance abusers to feel alone. However, you learn that you are cared for with counseling, and people do want to see you become successful. 

Prevent Relapse

When you know you have the support of people in a sober living community, the urge to abuse drugs might be present, but it will not overwhelm you. Instead, you can call your counselor or sponsor who can help you. 

Learn to Cultivate Your Relationships

It’s no secret that drug addiction can fracture relationships. Perhaps you have lost the trust of your friends and family. An addiction therapist can assist you in developing strategies to repair your relationships. 

How Can Addiction Therapy Help Clients? 

Deciding to stop using drugs or alcohol to cope with problems is a huge step to take. Attending addiction counseling is the next step. There are a variety of ways that addiction therapy can be provided to people. Sophros Recovery can support your process through programs such as: 

  • Partial hospitalization program 
  • Intensive outpatient program 
  • Medication-assisted program 
  • Outpatient program 

Find An Addiction Therapist at Sophros Recovery 

There are many addiction therapy programs in the northern Florida region. However, if you are looking for a program that focuses on providing individual and group sessions led by a qualified addiction therapist, Sophros Recovery can help. Our professionals will provide you with: 

  • Medication-assisted treatment to support you decrease your cravings and withdrawal symptoms 
  • Case management support to help you get the resources you need to keep you on the road to recovery. This includes housing, finances, and job opportunities. 
  • A strong sober living community includes activities and programs that will support you for years to come. 

Contact us at 904.760.4295 for more information on how our Jacksonville facility can provide you with the assistance you need to live a substance-free life.