Learn More About Outpatient Addiction Treatment That Works

two women speak in a substance abuse treatment centerChoosing a substance abuse treatment center can be an overwhelming experience for many people. You want a space that is going to be nurturing and supportive. Yet, you also want a place that will help clients to reach and remain in recovery.

At Sophros Recovery, our substance abuse treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, offers outpatient programs to support you as you transition to a home environment. Learn more about how our substance abuse treatment program may be your key to long-lasting recovery by calling 904.760.4295 or completing our online form today.

How Can an Outpatient Program Help Me?

When you are overcoming a substance use disorder, there are steps that you must take to remain in recovery. The first step is to receive treatment at an inpatient facility that will allow you to focus on your recovery process.

The second step is an outpatient program that will support your addiction recovery. Although you are returning to your home, you will still need assistance to remain on the right track. The continued support of a sober community that includes medical and mental health specialists along with alumni will help you continue to refrain from substance abuse.

At Sophros Recovery, we are committed to a mindfulness approach to addiction recovery. We will support you through our various programs, which include:

  • Evening options for working clients – Returning to work might make you feel anxious, but we are here to support your journey. Our schedule includes evening hours to keep you on the road to recovery.
  • Supporting 12-step focused programs – Programs such as Alcoholic Anonymous and SMART Recovery will help your specific needs. Our facility works in partnership with many peer-led organizations.
  • Holistic treatment – Other programs that support holistic treatment include individual therapy, group therapy, and medication-assisted treatment.
  • Case management – You don’t have to feel alone while you are receiving outpatient services. Our case managers will help you with resources to support your recovery needs.
  • Alumni support – There’s strength in numbers. Our community of sober-living clients will motivate you not to use drugs or alcohol. Our alumni have all been clients of our substance abuse treatment program here in Jacksonville, FL. We consider therapy ongoing, and it comes from the support of others with similar experiences.
  • Veteran-specific programs – We have a significant military presence in Jacksonville, FL. We believe in supporting our veterans who have experienced trauma while serving our country. Our substance abuse treatment center in Jacksonville, FL, will help our veterans and their families.
  • Comprehensive aftercare planning – When you finish your outpatient program, you’re not done. We assist you in planning for life after your program has been completed.
  • Family support – Everyone plays an essential role in your recovery. Through family counseling, we can support the needs of you and your loved ones, who also need to process recovery.
  • In-person, hybrid, and virtual options – COVID-19 will not stop us from providing you with the services you need to remain in recovery. Our outpatient program options include in-person, hybrid, and technology-based meetings.

In addition to our programs, we also have a supportive staff. Our Sophros Recovery team employs a mindfulness approach filled with compassion and understanding from medical practitioners, therapists, and other support staff. Our therapists are available via telephone or an in-person meeting.

Find Support in a Substance Abuse Treatment Program at Sophros Recovery

At Sophros Recovery, we provide a unique substance abuse treatment program in Jacksonville, FL. Our team focuses on helping clients remain in recovery while resuming their daily lives. If people need help finding employment and other resources, our case management team is available to help.

Our approach to abuse treatment is based on our belief in mindfulness. We are available in-person, virtually, and in the evening to support your schedule. With Sophros Recovery, you need to focus on remaining on the right track. We will focus on serving your needs.

If you or a loved one need support in remaining on the road to recovery, our Sophros Recovery team is here to help. Contact us by filling out our online form or calling 904.760.4295 to learn how our holistic approach will help you stay mindful and on a journey to becoming healthy.