Learn More About Outpatient Addiction Treatment That Works

If you or a loved one is currently suffering from prescription drug addiction, it might be time to consider substance abuse treatment programs. Treatment programs can vary differently depending on what it is that you, the client, might need.

At Sophros Recovery, our treatment options include counseling, psychotherapy, and our 12-step program. Reach out to one of our healthcare professionals today at 904.760.4295 to discuss treatment options that best fit your needs.

Defining a Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Programpills in hand

Treatment can take on a variety of forms, depending on what the client may need or benefit the most from after recovery. It also can depend on what type of prescription drugs the client is using. Typically, counseling is a key part of a client’s treatment plan. Our licensed drug counselors can provide individual, group, or family counseling. Counseling can help you:

  • Determine what factors led to prescription drug abuse, such as relationship or mental health problems
  • Learn strategies for developing healthy and positive relationships
  • Identify healthy activities that aren’t drug-related
  • Learn the steps to take in case of relapse
  • Learn the skills needed to resist cravings and prevent recurrence of prescription drug addiction

Counseling can help begin conversations around these topics and more. Counseling can be done through individual, group, or family therapy. In addition, our prescription drug rehab center values four prongs of treatment to treat the whole person. These prongs are therapy, medication-assisted treatment, case management, and alumni support.

Our outpatient programs are best for those who need flexibility during their treatment or are leaving residential treatment. We offer both in-person and virtual individual sessions and group meetings to help our clients. They will identify triggers, develop healthy coping habits, and reframe negative thoughts through treatment. We provide a partial hospital program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), and 12 months of continued alumni support.

Resources for Addiction Recovery

Recovery is a non-linear journey towards a more healthy lifestyle. Our services help our clients stay motivated and feel supported throughout their road to recovery. Some of our resources include:

  • Community programs
  • SMART Recovery
  • Virtual counseling
  • Mindfulness training
  • In-home activities to encourage rebuilding your life

Our resources extend to your family, friends, and loved ones to encourage them to be as supportive as they can for our clients.

What to Expect from Prescription Drug Withdrawal

Many clients who seek medical assistance from prescription drug addiction rehab centers struggle with withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can vary depending on the drug and usage, as can the need for detoxification as a part of treatment. Since withdrawal can be hazardous, it should be done under one of our doctor’s care. Some examples of prescription drug withdrawal include:

Opioid Withdrawal

Tapering off of opioids may require medication-assisted treatment. Often, this involves gradually decreasing the dose of medication until it is no longer used, rather than quitting cold turkey. One example of a drug given by injection to help people stay off opioids is Vivitrol.

Anti-Anxiety Medications and Sedatives Withdrawal

Like with opioids, it is safest to slowly taper off of anti-anxiety medications and sedatives over several weeks. Due to the withdrawal symptoms of many of these drugs, it can take weeks for your body to adjust to lower doses of the medication until you are taking none at all. Other medications may be necessary to help with anxiety or stabilize your mood. It is essential to work closely with a medical professional to decide what is best for you.

Stimulant Withdrawal

Although there are no FDA-approved drugs used for treating stimulant withdrawal, we offer treatment that focuses on slowly taking the client off of the medication. In addition, this treatment can be essential in relieving withdrawal symptoms, including sleep problems, fatigue, or depression.

Discover Treatment at Sophros Recovery Center

If you or a loved one is currently struggling with prescription drug addiction, it might be time to consult one of our medical professionals today. Reach out today to Sophros Recovery to discuss your options at 904.760.4295.