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group sitting in a therapy session as part of a rehab aftercare programAddiction is a complex, devastating disease. Although it is debilitating, addiction is a treatable chronic illness. As with all chronic conditions, people in recovery from substance use disorder must continue to receive care after their time in an addiction treatment program. Addiction therapy programs with robust aftercare can support the continuous needs associated with managing addiction to maintain health and sobriety.

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What Is an Aftercare Program?

The typical phases of rehab are detox and targeted treatment, whether residential or intensive outpatient. However, taking measures to lead a sober life is a long-term commitment and requires support that extends well beyond the initial phases of treatment.

“Aftercare” is a general term that describes any ongoing treatment or maintenance for successful addiction management. Regardless of the setting, treatment methods, or providers, the goals of aftercare are to maintain sobriety, prevent relapse, and build a purposeful, satisfying life.

Aftercare can include and address all aspects of living, from childcare to relationships, housing, transportation, education, finances, substance monitoring, community building, transitional support, legal advice and support, medical care, and mental health care.

Usually, aftercare is less hands-on and requires effort on the part of the person in recovery to establish and maintain the routines of aftercare once the proper resources are provided and supports are put into place.

Some common forms of aftercare include:

  • Participating in a rehab center’s alumni programs
  • Sober living residencies
  • Outpatient aftercare therapy
  • 12-step support groups
  • Peer support groups
  • Adolescent support groups
  • Connecting with a sponsor
  • Attending individual and group counseling

Aftercare can last months, or it can last a lifetime. Many people cycle through a combination of some or all of these common types of aftercare.

Choosing a Quality Rehab Aftercare Program

Learning how to maintain a sober lifestyle is an ongoing process and an active one. Many licensed rehab facilities offer specialized aftercare programs, which is an optimal place to begin. Successfully navigating life outside treatment with the support and aftercare program allows a person to gain confidence and practice their new skill sets.

Choosing the right rehab aftercare program is as essential as choosing the right rehab. Similarly, the right aftercare program can significantly reduce the chances of relapse and help a person establish a healthy and stable life after recovery. Work with a professional to establish a personal aftercare plan, and organize regular check-ins with accountability partners, support groups, or a sponsor to ensure that you’re sticking to the plan and to revise the plan as necessary. It’s also crucial that the plan grow and flex as you grow and change.

Finding and maintaining the right balance is an ongoing process, and while something may work for a while, it’s OK to implement changes when needs and circumstances change. The most important aspect of aftercare is that it aids in creating and maintaining a purposeful, satisfying, sober life.

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