Learn More About Outpatient Addiction Treatment That Works

If you or a loved one are currently struggling with drug addiction, you may know how common relapsing can be. Because of this, we offer a medication-assisted treatment program (MAT) option to help maintain recovery. One option for MAT is Vivitrol. If you or a loved one require Vivitrol treatment in Jacksonville, contact one of Sophros Recovery’s medical professionals at 904.760.4295 today.

What Is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is an opioid blocker administered by one of our healthcare providers through a monthly injection. This is the brand name for naltrexone, a drug that minimizes alcohol cravings to the point of making you sick if you drink. In addition, Vivitrol can effectively prevent opioid relapse, as people who take the drug are more likely to avoid relapse than those who haven’t. The FDA approved it in 2010 to treat opioid addiction.

To begin Vivitrol treatment, the client must be opioid-free for one to two weeks to avoid sudden withdrawal symptoms. Vivitrol removes opioids from opioid receptors. If a client is going through Vivitrol medication-assisted treatment and detoxification via buprenorphine, Vivitrol can make withdrawal symptoms worse. In addition, it can stop the medication from working.

Vivitrol can not only make medication-assisted treatment more effective, but it can also help with relapse. Therefore, at Sophros Recovery, we believe that MAT programs can be highly effective in conjunction with our more holistic approaches and therapies.

Vivitrol Side Effectswomen talking

Some common side effects of Vivitrol include:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Decreased libido or impotence
  • Muscle or joint aches
  • Increased thirst

These are all extremely common symptoms when a client is going through withdrawal. However, there can be a few more severe side effects. If you have any questions about these side effects, contact one of our medical professionals today to get answers. If you are experiencing or suspect an opioid overdose, call 911 or get emergency medical help right away.

Is a Vivitrol Treatment Program Safe for You?

While Vivitrol can be an incredibly effective method of treating those struggling with opioid abuse, it is important to make sure that the drug is safe for you before beginning. Do not receive Vivitrol if you:

  • Are currently using or have a physical dependence on opioids — Your healthcare provider will test for physical dependence by giving you a small injection of naloxone. If you have symptoms of opioid withdrawal after this test, do not start treatment with Vivitrol at this time. You may get tested again by a medical professional after stopping using opioids.
  • Have opioid withdrawal symptoms — Symptoms of opioid withdrawal include trouble sleeping, anxiety, fever, sweating, shakiness, hot or cold flashes, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach cramps.
  • Are allergic to any of the ingredients in Vivitrol, such as naltrexone — Please inform your healthcare provider of any allergies you may have.

What Should You Tell Your Doctor?

Before you receive Vivitrol medication-assisted treatment, there are a number of things you should tell your doctor, such as:

  • You have liver problems, kidney problems, or any other medical conditions
  • You’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant
  • You are breastfeeding
  • You’re using medications, including vitamins and supplements

If you have any questions about what else your doctor should know, you can ask them directly.

Discover Medication-Assisted Treatment at Sophros Recovery

If Vivitrol seems beneficial to either you or a loved one, you might consider seeing if you are qualified for treatment. While Vivitrol has proven to be highly effective, it is not a 100% cure to addiction. Our combination of therapy and MAT programs will help you begin your journey to recovery as soon as possible. If you think that Vivitrol might be right for you, reach out to one of our healthcare professionals at 904.760.4295 to begin your treatment at Sophros Recovery today.