Learn More About Outpatient Addiction Treatment That Works

people work together in a heroin addiction rehabHeroin is a powerful opiate that can make the person using it feel relaxed and happy. The feeling that nothing can bother the user is also why people abuse this drug. However, these reasons are all masking a bigger problem: users are self-medicating and need help. After all, once someone becomes addicted to heroin, they may feel they cannot feel truly happy or relaxed without this drug. Instead, it creates a vicious cycle of trying to obtain heroin, using, experiencing the high, and restarting the cycle. The only way to truly kick a heroin addiction is through a substance abuse rehab center.

Sophros Recovery offers an outpatient heroin addiction treatment program that meets the needs of people who want to stop using the drug. Contact us at 904.760.4295 to begin your journey to addiction recovery.

What Are The Signs of Heroin Addiction?

Many signs will indicate that you or your loved one is struggling with heroin addiction. Heroin addiction rehab will support anyone who wants to stop using. However, first, it is essential to identify the signs of addiction, which include:

  • Financial struggles- One of the first signs of addiction is needing money to support a habit. Friends and family will be asked to loan money for other reasons. Yet, the money will be used for heroin. When a person slips into addiction, their concern is not paying bills on time or being responsible financially; their own desire is to use the money to get more heroin.
  • New sleep patterns- People addicted to heroin typically are heavy sleepers due to their drug use. This is one of the first signs of heroin addiction.
  • Track marks- The most popular ways to use heroin are either injection or snorting. If a user injects with a needle, there will be needle marks, also known as track marks, at the sight of injection. These will usually be on a person’s arms, legs, or other body parts. As users get deeper into their addiction, the track marks can become infected. In addition, users often wear long sleeves and pants to cover their track marks.
  • Preoccupation with getting high- The only goal that someone addicted to heroin has is getting high. The cycle of heroin addiction only allows users to think of ways to get high, then use heroin and begin the cycle again.
  • No interest in previous passions- Heroin addiction consistently loses interest in activities that used to be important to them. Whether participating in sports or civic activity, the focus of participating in social events shifts to getting high.
  • Extreme isolation- It is not uncommon for heroin addicts to separate themselves from friends and family as their habit becomes more noticeable.
  • Increased tolerance- Habitual users need to consistently increase their heroin use to keep achieving their intended high and to keep cravings from arising.

What Are the Benefits of Heroin Addiction Treatment Program?

Using heroin has more consequences than positive outcomes. Users often lose so much, such as their relationships with family and friends, their job, their home, in their pursuit of getting high. In addition, many people addicted to heroin lose their belief in their own abilities. By attending an outpatient heroin rehab center, substance users will be able to:

  • Redevelop their familial and community ties while going through the recovery process
  • Receive peer support in transitioning from active heroin user to sobriety
  • Counseling will help them learn to stop self-medicating and instead learn their emotional triggers. Once these triggers have been identified,
  • people can begin managing their behavior better.

A heroin addiction rehab program will support substance users with developing the tools to remain sober.

Sophros Recovery Is a Supportive Heroin Rehab Center

If you or a loved one are struggling to end heroin addiction, it is time to seek help. Sophros Recovery’s heroin addiction treatment program will provide participants with individual and group counseling that will guide them to understanding the triggers that led them to use heroin. In addition, Sophros Recovery’s medical staff can support someone with the withdrawal process. Reach out today by calling 904.760.4295 to learn more about heroin addiction treatment options.