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meeting of an alumni program in a sunlit roomRecovering from an addiction is a lifelong journey. Detox and rehab are only the first steps, and the work of recovery continues well beyond these initial phases. One of the essential aspects of recovery is finding a supportive community of sober peers who understand the nature of this challenging work and can support one another in the long process. Addiction treatment programs that offer aftercare or an alumni program are a great place to find a sober and supportive community.

At Sophros Recovery, we understand that the most intricate work begins when you leave our treatment programs. For this reason, we maintain a robust alumni network with various programs to support our clients as they build sober, satisfying, and purpose-driven lives.

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What Is an Alumni Program?

Upon leaving rehab, the real work of recovery begins; this is where an alumni program like the one at Sophros Recovery comes in. Alumni programs provide tools and support to cope with the transition out of rehab and work through things that may challenge sobriety.

In the addiction recovery world, alumni programs function very similarly to a school’s alumni network. Alumni programs exist to connect graduates of a particular rehab program with the tools, the resources, and, most importantly, the peers in recovery needed to build a safe and supportive sober community.

When it comes to maintaining sobriety after rehab, alumni programs are vital resources. You have a network of support through alumni programs to see you through significant life transitions, moves to new geographic locations, and other developments. While treatment programs are relatively brief, an alumni network can provide lifelong connections.

Some critical elements of the alumni program at Sophros Recovery include:

  • Sober events held on a regular basis
  • 24/7 hotline support
  • In-person, online, or phone check-ins with support staff
  • Online community resources such as an email newsletter, social network groups, and message boards
  • Educational tools
  • Opportunities to serve or volunteer in the alumni organization

Most alumni programs have a director or coordinator who typically will reach out once a person has completed rehab and Sophros Recovery is no different. If you need additional support once you’ve joined the alumni network, you can reach out to this person for guidance and resources.

The Benefits of Staying Active in an Alumni Program

Staying active in the alumni program of your rehab is a simple way to stay connected with your sobriety. While simple isn’t always easy, the robust community support of an alumni program can ease the work of staying sober.

Participating in an alumni program can involve showing up to events, staying in contact with friends and peers from your time in rehab, volunteering to serve in the program to help other alumni stay sober, and staying connected with new folks entering the program.

A primary benefit of staying active in your alumni program is a sense of community and the confidence that comes with knowing that you’re not alone in your vital work to maintain a sober, purposeful life. In addition, active involvement in alumni programs can significantly reduce the chances of a relapse. If one occurs, an alumni program like the one at Sophros Recovery can provide a network of support to get you back on your feet more quickly.

Joining an alumni program is an essential milestone in the recovery process, and staying engaged can enrich recovery significantly over time.

Contact Sophros Recovery to Learn More About Our Alumni Programs

At Sophros Recovery, we take pride in our robust alumni program and work to ensure that every rehab graduate has access to extensive aftercare support and resources. We understand that addiction recovery is the work of a lifetime, and we’re here to support you for the duration. Our alumni span the country and have a tightly woven network to support one another through thick and thin.

If you’re ready to join us or have more questions about alumni programs in addiction recovery, contact us at 904.760.4295.