Learn More About Outpatient Addiction Treatment That Works

a group works together in a cocaine addiction rehabCocaine is a powerful drug that is popular for its ability to provide the person using it with energy quickly. Some people believe that it enhances their ability to focus on tasks and makes them feel much more confident. However, when someone becomes addicted to cocaine, their life is anything but focused. Instead, they are living a life that is unmanageable. When this happens, the only way to kick a cocaine addiction is through a substance abuse rehab center.

Sophros Recovery features an outpatient cocaine addiction treatment program to meet the needs of people in North Florida. Contact us at 904.760.4295 to begin your journey to addiction recovery.

Don’t Ignore the Signs of Cocaine Addiction

It’s not hard to ignore the signs of cocaine addiction because people change so much of their lifestyle to abuse the drug. Here are some indicators that a loved one might be abusing cocaine:

  • Strong urges and cravings to use cocaine
  • A significant amount of time is spent participating in activities to obtain and use cocaine
  • Unable to fulfill responsibilities to family, work, or community
  • Recurrent interpersonal issues as a result of cocaine
  • Activities that were once important are reduced or no longer important as a result of cocaine abuse
  • Participating in behavior that is self-harming or dangerous to others
  • Continued use despite understanding that using cocaine causes physical and psychological harm

If you realize that you or a loved one has these symptoms of addiction, it is time to end the cycle. Cocaine addiction rehab will guide you on your road to recovery so that you can live a drug-free, happy life.

What Are The Benefits of an Outpatient Cocaine Addiction Treatment Program?

If you or a loved one are abusing drugs, it is time to enter a cocaine rehab center. To truly get on the road to recovery, you may need the guidance of medical and mental health therapists. You will also need peers who are experiencing the same challenges as you. They are your community and can support you.

Once a person’s tolerance for cocaine becomes stronger, they need to use more of the drug to reach the desired result. Furthermore, when someone tries to quit, withdrawal symptoms are intense, particularly for long-term users. With rehab, you will be supported through the withdrawal period so that you are not tempted to begin using again.

Other benefits of an outpatient cocaine rehab center include:

  • Psychiatric treatment to support your mental health needs
  • The opportunity to maintain family and work obligations
  • Low cost when compared to inpatient treatment
  • Therapy services such as individual and group counseling sessions
  • Develop skills to avoid relapse
  • Build a support system of peers who are facing the same challenges
  • Outreach resources that include a sober community and support groups

What Happens at an Outpatient Cocaine Rehab Center?

Often, people wonder if an outpatient cocaine addiction treatment program is as effective as a residential program. The short answer: yes. While it can be believed that the treatment received will not match an inpatient program, that is not true at all. Instead, outpatient programs offer adults an opportunity to fight their addiction while also remaining responsible for their obligations.

At an outpatient cocaine rehab program, participants are committed to attending rehab programs five to seven days per week. The sessions will take place over several hours. During the day, participants will be included in therapy programming, biofeedback, and other therapies such as art, music, or dance therapy.

Achieve Recovery from Addiction with Sophros Recovery

There’s no reason to keep abusing cocaine. The enhanced energy, focus, and confidence that cocaine users initially feel are only temporary. However, the consequences of addiction, such as losing relationships, finances, participating in risky behavior, and so much more, far outweigh those brief moments of focus. If you are ready to stop using cocaine, Sophros Recovery is the cocaine rehab center for you. Contact us at 904.760.4295 to begin your journey to a happy and healthy life.