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Finding Quality Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Jacksonville

Finding outpatient addiction treatment in Jacksonville suitable for your needs can be time-consuming and challenging. The process can be overwhelming and confusing, especially if you have not received the resources to know where to start. Addiction affects everyone differently. As a result, an effective treatment program must be tailored to the needs of the individual…

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Benefits of Evening IOP for a Busy Schedule

For many, seeking treatment for any addiction can seem like a daunting time commitment. Many people cannot stop their day-to-day life for residential treatment, and intensive outpatient programs don’t seem accessible to them. If this is true, you may prefer our evening intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) in Jacksonville. Evening intensive outpatient programs can be…

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3 Signs of Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is a problem impacting many communities in the United States. Heroin is a popular drug that provides its users with a calming feeling that often makes them forget any difficulties they are facing in their lives. However, heroin is also highly addictive, making it possible to hurt the person using the drug and…

Sophros Recovery Addiction Healing New Year

2022: A Year of Healing and Recovery

For many of us, the last two years have been challenging. We have been isolated, financially stressed, and we may have lost loved ones. The combination of stress and isolation has been a perfect storm for mental health and increasing drinking/drug use. If you have found yourself slipping further away from the best version of…

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Tips for Having a Sober Holiday Season

The holiday season always involves many gatherings that include tasty dinners and fun times for family and friends. However, for some individuals, the holiday season can also present many triggers that could cause us to relapse. The solution might be a sober holiday season. At Sophros Recovery, we understand the challenges that the holiday season…


Redefining Strength – Mental Health in the Military

Active duty military and veterans continue to struggle with mental health and substance use. Last week, we learned that suicide rates once again spiked 15% year over year. To help our fellow vets, we have to reframe how we think about mental health. Here are three ways to change our thinking about toughness, mental health,…

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Qualities of a Successful Outpatient Program

If you’ve already attended an inpatient treatment program or you’re in the midst of mild addiction, an intensive outpatient program treatment program may be the best treatment option for your needs. Intensive outpatient treatment allows you to get the care and support you need while also managing your responsibilities at home and work. Furthermore, an…

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Medication-Assisted Treatment Available in Jacksonville, Florida

Addiction recovery is a unique journey for each person, regardless of what type of substance they are abusing. At Sophros Recovery, we strive to treat the whole person during their time at our addiction treatment center. Therefore, we provide a range of safe and effective treatment options to help them begin the process on a…